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"Drinking wine shouldn’t have to be bad for the planet – so we’re doing something about it"

Vignaioli Contrà Soarda has partnered with environmental start-up Carbon Jacked to do things differently and combat climate change with the launch of Europe’s first carbon negative wine.

Together they will be raising the bar for winemaking by bringing the World a spicy, fresh, well-structured blend of Merlot and Marzemino Nero that pairs well with the environment. The wine has an intentionally distinctive taste and brand, representing the team’s creativity and commitment to producing a sumptuous wine that protects, rather than damages, our planet. 

Tired of cartoonish green leaves, false claims of sustainability and old-fashioned winemaking, the team have rigorously analysed the winemaking process from grape to glass to fully understand the associated greenhouse gas emissions and take meaningful action to reduce them. In doing so, they’ve brought their customers an exquisite wine that genuinely combats climate change. This is the first step of a partnership that will see Contrà Soarda and Carbon Jacked work together to continue to improve the sustainability of Contrà Soarda’s business and operations, helping them lead by example in the wine industry.

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a wine for the planet

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The brand-new wine offsets twice the amount of the carbon emissions associated with its production to make it Europe’s first carbon negative wine. To do this, Carbon Jacked carried out a detailed carbon footprint assessment of Contrà Soarda to understand the environmental impact of their entire operations, including the specific emissions associated with the new wine. Building on Contra Soarda’s long history of green methods of production, and using Carbon Jacked’s expertise, these emissions were reduced as much as possible. There is a substantial amount of carbon sequestration built into Contra Soarda's land management and operations, removing CO2 from the atmosphere. On top of this, we have invested in fantastic projects that prevent twice the amount of CO2 from entering the atmosphere than those associated with the production of the wine. We supported these projects by purchasing independently verified carbon credits. The projects combat climate change, support biodiversity and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The verification process ensure the accuracy and impact of our climate action.

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