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"We believed that by planting dreams
we could pick grapes and olives"

The love and the passion of Mirco and Gloria gave birth to a dream named Vignaioli Contra Soarda. Despite the fact that past and present connects the Gottardi family to the restaurant business since 1904, Mirco and Gloria, in 1999, decided to dedicate also to their other big passion: wine. The planted dreams brought to life an abandoned place for years on the Bassano hillside, where more than 60,000 vines and 1,000 olive trees found the perfect conditions to grow vigorous and able to sustain the biological viticulture. The bond with nature and its continuous becoming inspired the rediscovery and the enhancement of the territory through its fruits and motivated the willingness to communicate it to the world through the wine. The cellar, in the same way, was built in total respect with the environment and the surroundings. Today, the second generation, composed of the children Marcello and Eleonora, pursue the family dream with the same dedication and enthusiasm. For nearly a century, from one generation to the other, the Gottardi Family handed down the feeling of devotion to the land, snatching it from the jaws of disregard, to elevate it to virtue.


"The sky gives, the earth receives and grows,

the man brings to completion"

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