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Musso is a new project of Vignaioli Contrà Soarda, created with the idea of communicating something true and authentic. Our production philosophy - and not only, is based on the respect for our land and for the animals that lives on it. MUSSO, that in Veneto dialect means ‘donkey’, is a collection of wines - limited edition - dedicated to our lovely donkeys living in the estate that help us with daily work in the vineyards. Nowadays, the beautiful French word “terroir” is in everyone’s mouth. Everyone enter the market remarking the special features of geological characteristics, climatic conditions and production techniques that build up the uniqueness of a territory. We do believe in the peculiarities that make special every vineyard and product, but with MUSSO we want to offer you a more ironic and funny perspective: “Terroir? I’m part of it”. Yes, because Serafino, Oliva, Poméa and Burrito are part of our small production reality: four paws mowers, weightlifters and an essential help in the transportation of cases.



I'm part of it!

Musso bottles_edited.jpg

Autenticity: every year a new cuvée LIMITED EDITION!

MUSSO is also SOCIAL. Find here more information about our collaboration with Asinology.

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