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The winery Vignaioli Contrà Soarda lays on a hilly surface at the feet of the Asiago plateau, in San Michele of Bassano del Grappa, a site dedicated to vines and olive trees growing since the times of Ezzelino da Romano between the X and the XI century. Contrà Soarda, that from the toponomy means ‘on the slope’, rises on a unique environment, related to the volcanic soil, to the temperature fluctuation phenomenon originated by the cold northern winds coming from Valsugana Valley and to the sun exposure. The respect, the interaction and the enhancement of the peculiarities of the soil, of the microclimate, and the exposition reveals themselves as the fundamental variables of an authentic viticulture, and its identity. The land, which was covered of brambles and almost inaccessible due to more than twelve years of state of abandonment, was brought back to light after years of work, letting arise the estate in total harmony with the nature and the surrounding landscape.


Organic viticulture, Biodynamic mind




The area where the vineyard of Contrà Soarda is located is also named ‘the waters’: a location full of emerging springs that, at the beginning of our intervention, we had to regulate in order to carry out an adequate agricultural solution. Despite that, the hygroscopic ability and the permeability of the volcanic soil (lava lapillus, with ‘onion’ structure), confer a good resistant to drought periods, as well as an important mineral charge and a unique energy. The soil, the heat seized and released by the rocks, the influence of the Brenta river, the strong temperature fluctuations between day and night due to the cold currents of the Valsugana valley and the constant breeze that blow in the hills, are just few of the factors that characterize an incredible potential and a deep identify of our territory. We learned how to listen to our terroir, how to get the diverse shades and how to preserve its memories, its perfumes, its tastes and to confer them into our wines. Our production philosophy, certified bio, motivates us not only to communicate our places, but also to respect them. This is how, every day, we get in touch with our land, working it and trying to get and interpret her teaching. The care, the selection and the attention to the fruits of our vines are essential for supporting our idea of viticulture and winemaking.


The expression of the vine is connected not only to the terroir, but also to the energies of a place. In Contra’ Soarda we perceive and respect these energies which lend our vines vigour and strength. The constant research for a healthy and future-oriented agriculture is at the basis of our philosophy. The green manure of seven essences let us improving the biodiversity, guaranteeing the creation and maintenance of an ideal habitat for the vines. The green manure and the related organic fertilization made in wintertime are done also in the inter-row space. Furthermore, we take care of our plants with some natural bread-based treatments: the yeasts help the vines to endure to diseases so that we can reduce the sprayings to the need. The everyday challenge is to be able to understand and interpret the messages of the land and plants, understand the real need of the vines and create the perfect conditions for preserving their original expression.

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