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In 1904, Giovanni Battista and Giovanna Gottardi funded a farm, so called “frasca”, in the countryside of Bassano del Grappa, providing food and wine produced at home to the wayfarers. In the 60’s Marcello and Beppa Gottardi transformed the little farm in a typical Italian ‘trattoria’ operated by the whole family. Since 1986, Gloria e Mirco Gottardi, run the restaurant ‘Pulierin’, which became over time one of the most renowned restaurant in town, thanks to the devotion to tradition and the special attention to local products. In 2011, the bond with the land brought Pulierin to move to the hills of San Michele of Bassano, creating a unique environment that joins the passion for nature, wine and gastronomic culture.


From the land to the table: 

since 1904, history and culinary traditon


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