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The cellar, recipient of many prizes, plays a very important role in Contra’ Soarda. The intervention, started in 1999, concerned the agricultural arrangement, the planting of the vineyard and the construction of the winery. The cellar, build completely inside the mountain, tries to combine the bio-architecture principles together with the technological production aspects. The goal was to create a zero-impact building, well integrated with the surrounding landscape and in harmony with the environment. Furthermore, the design of the winery was studied to facilitate and improve the whole production processes: from the transportation of the grapes with gravity to the geothermic temperature control. The barricaia, the place devoted to the wine aging, was inspired by the works of some the masters of modern architecture: Anonì Gaudi and Eladio Dieste. The vault systems of double curve, the sinuous shapes and the use of local materials, make Contrà Soarda’s barricaia a unique place, able to carry the human being into a comfortable isolation from the outside world while encouraging him to find a deep connection with the wine.

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"Our cellar is a unique place, where the spirit of the human being rediscovers the connection to wine"


The research of local materials,

the design, the perfect integration with nature


Winemaking is thinking with the hearth. The winemaker Marcello Gottardi and his wines

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The tasting room, called the “Soardateca”, which can accommodate up to 50 people, is the perfect place for professional wine tastings and seminars. Furthermore, valuable natural landscape of Contrà Soarda and the prestigious bio-architecture represent a location for innovatory business meetings, where a natural and fresh perspective leads to new relationships and meanings. Teams employ various tools and techniques during brainstorming and problem solving. Teambuilding activities bring out the best of a team and ensure self-development, positive communication, leadership skills and ability to work closely together. Wi-Fi, projector and other tools are available. The professional and welcoming atmosphere enables the perfect conditions to run meetings, seminars and wine tastings, while providing inspiration and relax.

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